Baron Dental Clinic

Bone Augmentation

In cases when bone length and width is not sufficient for implant treatment the following treatments are possible

Sinus Lift
Sinus lift basically means lifting the maxillary sinus membrane through a surgical operation by pushing it upwards and the gap created is filled with bone graft material. It is performed either as open or closed lifting. In case, there is a bone structure of 4-5 mm in the implant area, closed lifting is preferred while with the bone structure less than 4 mm, open surgery is performed.

External Sinus Lift
External Sinus Lift is performed when patients have extremely resorbed upper jawbone. Sinus membrane is pushed upwards by opening a window from the cheek side of patients’ upper jaw. The gap is filled with bone grafts. 4-6 months of waiting time is necessary for bone graft to augment the bones there with new bone tissue.

Internal Sinus Lift
Internal Sinus Lift (Closed sinus lifting) is performed when there is 4-5 mm bone height in the jawbone. Sinus floor is broken and augmented upwards through lifting with osteotome technique under local anaesthesia. If necessary, graft is placed into this gap. Generally, implants are placed simultaneously.


Solutions with bone grafts and membranes 
Success of the operation lies within the bone volume and blood that builds up in the implant area. Lower bone quality and quantity is linked to a number of factors such as gum problems, infection or trauma. However dentists are able to increase bone width and height using today’s techniques. By filling the zones such as bone breaking zones and anatomic gaps (like sinus), the area where the implant will be placed is prepared. 
Bone grafts are the most reliable and effective method to increase bone quantity, which would make it possible to place the implant on the augmented new bone.


We should also note that you will be informed in a detailed manner prior to the operation about the type of bone augmentation and how much bone graft is necessary after the clinical examination and x-ray assessments.