Baron Dental Clinic

Bleaching (Whitening)

Don’t you like the color of your teeth? Would you like to have whiter teeth?

Your wish will come true at our clinic through professional whitening techniques.

Whitening is a cosmetic solution in which whitening gels are used to remove yellow color and spots in enamel structure caused by foods and drinks –cigarette, tea, coffee and coke etc.- that may create a yellowish or coloring impact on the teeth surface. Through whitening, it is possible to remove such yellowing and spots which have infiltrated teeth surface and cannot be removed by brushing.

Teeth are prepared for whitening procedure by forming a protective barrier between gum and teeth for 6-8 teeth in the maxilla and 6-8 in mandibula (this figure might change depending on your smile line) after detartrage and polishing.
A gel including hydrogene peroxide is applied through brushing on the identified teeth and the reaction is accelerated by a source of light. The gel is cleaned and reapplied in every 15 minutes.

Detartrage+polishing+3 whitening sessions take 75 minutes on average. A very mild sensitivity problem may appear during or after bleaching but it will disappear completely in 1-3 days. The important thing is to take necessary steps for the treatment fully and correctly. When performed by dentists, whitening is a harmless and very effective method.