Baron Dental Clinic

Easy Payment Plan

Our Clinic, which provides Dentistry services for European guests on holiday in the Side-Manavgat region, offers a better service based on mutual trust and comfortable payment options.

   1) Patients who pay all treatment fees during the treatment will receive a discount on the total treatment fee listed above.
    a- cash payment             :5% 
    b- credit or debit card    :3%

   2) Installment payment:
Installment payment is valid in the following cases ;

    a- Treatments of more than 3000 Euros,
    b- Need of 2 or 3 Treatments periods like dental implant treatments or bone augmentation.
    c- Patients who come to our Country for vacation and undergo emergency Dental Treatment and cannot pay the Treatment fee during his holiday in Turkey.
    d- Patients with the above criteria must pay at least 50% of Treatment fees.
    e- The installments can be paid in 1-6 installments.
    f-  Payment in installments agreed upon with a written agreement.
    g- At the end of the Treatment, we will generate a bill with a copy of your passport so you can pay your installment in your own country.
    h- Between 5% and 10% is applied Installment fee to the total treatment fee when the patient wants to pay in installments.

* These features may change after your consultation but be sure that during the consultation, we will prepare the best suitable payment plan for you.
* You can pay by cash,  any credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), or bank transfer.