Baron Dental Clinic

Baron Dental Laboratory

          We added the Baron Dental Laboratory to our Company in 2020 to take our professional success and quality one step further and to provide better, quality, and faster treatment for our valued patients.

          Our Baron Dental Laboratory, only 200m far from our clinic with its expert staff of 4 people, services using the latest techniques presented by technological developments. Our employees with professional experience in the field of oral and dental health continue to provide the best service in the professional field using CE certified products and 3D software/hardware tools.

  The benefits of possessing our own Dental laboratory for the patient :

* Transmission and communication problems that may occur between the dentist and the dental technician are eliminated.

* To convey your requests directly during the planning and design phase you can exchange ideas easily with both the Dentist and the laboratory team. 

* The laboratory team that will make the design can have the opportunity to see the patient as well as the plaster model before the work.

* You can visit the laboratory and present your expectations during the design phase.

* You get quick access to quality service.

* You can benefit from the dental service within 24 hours in very urgent cases.

* Our schedule gets flexible so appointment times can be changed easily depending on your request.

* You will feel privileged.

It is an honor to host you in our Clinic.